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Investment is a long-term investment in assets with the aim of generating income. Therefore, the investor owns securities for a long period of time and receives dividends / coupons or earns on the growth in the value of assets.


There are different types of investment products. They differ in terms of risk and return. For example, stocks, bonds, ETFs or mutual funds, precious metals, etc.

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The main principles of investing are diversification and fundamental analysis.


The main difference between investing and trading (speculation) is a longer investment period (from 1 year). In addition, the trader studies the process of price movement itself, the investor looks at the company whose shares he buys and makes a fundamental analysis.


Evaluation criteria for fundamental analysis:
- Economic/political situation in the country where the security is issued and in the world.
- The state of the industry to which the company belongs.
- Estimation of the company market value. For this, financial statements, financial indicators and value multipliers are used.

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